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Celebrating the Graduation of Shirley and Hazel

We are proud to announce the graduation of two valued team members from Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy Group. Shirley, from our Primary Care store, and Hazel, from Market Point, have successfully completed their pharmacy studies.

Both Shirley and Hazel participated in our Apprentice Technician Course, a program that combines work and study. Their dedication to maintaining a balance between their professional responsibilities and academic pursuits has been exemplary.

Shirley’s experience at the Primary Care store has been characterized by her strong commitment and work ethic. In the same vein, Hazel has demonstrated great diligence and enthusiasm at the Market Point store.

Their graduation represents not only their personal achievements but also the nurturing and supportive environment Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy Group provides. We are committed to fostering professional growth among our team members.

Congratulations to Shirley and Hazel on their well-deserved graduation. We are immensely proud of their hard work and look forward to their continued contributions to our team.

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