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Discover Personalised Care at Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy in Mullingar

The Woods Pharmacy Team, Mullingar

In light of the recent closure of a nearby pharmacy, we at Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy extend a warm welcome to anyone seeking a new pharmacy that combines convenience with exceptional care. We’re more than just a pharmacy; we're a community dedicated to your health and wellness.

Award-Winning Customer Service

We’re proud of our reputation for award-winning customer service. At Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy, every customer is treated with the utmost care and attention. Eithne Mannering, our esteemed supervisor, shares her thoughts: “We’re excited to welcome new customers to our family. Known for excellent service and convenience, Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy is your ideal choice for all your healthcare needs.”

Meet Our Expert – Pharmacist John O'Shaughnessy

Leading our dedicated team is John O'Shaughnessy, our expert pharmacist. His commitment to health care is evident in the service he provides. John says, “We take immense pride in offering the highest level of patient care. Our team, experienced and passionate, ensures that every customer leaves satisfied.”

Your local Pharmacist John O'Shaughnessy

Convenience Redefined

Acknowledging the hectic pace of modern life, we offer a seamless home delivery service for your medications. Additionally, our user-friendly app allows you to order prescriptions at your convenience, ensuring your health needs are always at your fingertips.

Successful Flu Jab and Vaccination Clinic

Our flu jab and vaccination clinic is highly regarded, thanks to our skilled and experienced staff. We aim to make your vaccination experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our Experienced Team

Our fantastic team, with several members boasting years of service, are the pillars of Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy. Their depth of experience and dedication to the Mullingar community is unmatched.

Easily Accessible Location

Your convenience is our priority. Located in a spot that’s easy to reach, with ample parking directly outside and on Mullingar’s streets, visiting Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy is always a breeze.

Join Our Pharmacy Community

John O'Shaughnessy extends a personal invitation: “If you’re looking for a new pharmacy, feel free to call us or visit our store to chat with our friendly staff.” With a team of four trained pharmacy technicians and experienced pharmacists, we’re renowned for our superior customer service.

Transitioning to a new pharmacy can be a significant change, and at Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy, we’re committed to making it a smooth and positive experience for you. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to our pharmacy family.

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