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Intro to Audiologist Luke from Hearing Aids Direct

My name is Luke Allen. 

I have been an Audiologist for over 12 years. I have been a hearing aid user for over 35 years, I have also been wearing a Bone Anchor Hearing aid for over 20 years. I have spent my entire life going through the public and private sector for hearing care. Therefore, my approach to Hearing Care comes from a life living with hearing loss.  It has become my mission to make Hearing Care a priority for all. I was a senior Audiologist for over 12 years for large hearing company. It became clear that personal and affordable hearing care was not going to happen within that company. And so Hearing Aids Direct was born from the knowledge that I alone would have to bring the change in hearing care that I wanted to see for clients.  At Hearing Aids Direct I offer the comprehensive Hearing Care with a full range of aids, affordable prices and quality customer care. We also offer Free Wax Checks, Wax removal services and Free Hearing Tests.

Audiologist Luke Allen

Looking forward to making your hearing our priority. 

Listen to the Future , your hearing is your Future.

Luke Allen DIP HAA

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