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Supporting Local Talent: Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy Sponsors Ladies 18-Hole Competition

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

A Day of Gratitude and Excellence in Local Sport

We’re delighted to take you back to an event that has become an integral part of our local community. On Wednesday, September 6th, Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy was honoured to sponsor the Ladies 18-hole Stableford competition at Mgar Golf Club. This was an opportunity for us to show our support for local talent and contribute to a sport that is beloved by many in our community.

HealthPoint Pharmacy Sponsors Ladies 18-Hole Competition

Image of Gillian Ryan and Lady Captain Rosemary Whelehan

Why We Chose to Sponsor

1. Promotion of Women’s Sports: It’s essential to support female athletes in a world where men’s sports often receive more attention.

2. Community Involvement: Being an active member of the community is at the core of our philosophy at Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy.

3. Shared Values: Golf is more than just a game; it’s about discipline, focus, and health—all values we hold dear.

A Special Thanks

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the Ladies Branch of Mgar Golf Club for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event. Your commitment to the sport and the community is commendable.

About Our Rebranding

We are also pleased to announce that we’ve recently undergone a rebranding. However, one thing remains constant: our commitment to providing top-notch professional services to all our customers. 🌟

Looking Ahead

It was a pleasure to be involved in such an inspiring event. As we move forward, Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy will continue to support local causes and maintain the high level of professional service you’ve come to expect from us. 🌈🏌️‍♀️

Thank you once again to everyone involved; your enthusiasm and hard work made the day a resounding success!

Cheers to more sporting successes in our community! 🥂🏆

For more updates and community involvement, stay tuned and keep following us on social media.

Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacy, always committed to community and care. 💚

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