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Taking Our First Steps Towards Sustainability: How Our Small Local Pharmacy Is Going Green 🌿

In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever for businesses—big or small—to take steps towards sustainability. As a small local pharmacy, we recognise our responsibility to our community and the planet. We’re excited to share the initial steps we’re taking to become a more sustainable business.

1️⃣ 100% Recycled Paper Bags 🛍️

Our journey starts with a simple change: switching to bags made of 100% recycled paper. Every small action counts, and this is our way of reducing plastic waste.

2️⃣ Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 🧽

We’re choosing eco-friendly cleaning products for our behind-the-scenes operations. This helps protect the environment while ensuring a healthy space for our staff and patrons.

3️⃣ SEAI 4-Star Energy Rating 🌟

We’re proud to have received a 4-star energy management rating from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). It’s a promising start towards our long-term sustainability goals.

4️⃣ 100% Wind-Powered Electricity 🌬️

We’re reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing all our electrical needs from 100% wind power. Renewable energy is the future, and we’re excited to be part of it.

5️⃣ Bike to Work Scheme 🚴

Encouraging our employees to cycle to work not only fosters a healthier lifestyle but also contributes to reduced carbon emissions.

6️⃣ Upcoming Electric Delivery Van 🚚

Within the next 12 months, we plan to replace our diesel delivery van with an electric one. Cleaner deliveries are just around the corner!

7️⃣ Bulk Order Policy 📦

Our new bulk ordering policy aims to minimise the frequency of deliveries, thereby reducing our overall carbon emissions.

8️⃣ Recycled Printing Paper 🖨️

We’re committed to reducing waste, which is why all our business-related printing is done on recycled paper.

9️⃣ Solar Panels: A Future Investment ☀️

We’re in the tendering phase to install solar panels on our Green Road store, marking another step towards generating our own renewable energy.

While these are just our initial efforts, we are committed to continually adopting more sustainable practices. We welcome suggestions from our community as we strive to make these important changes. 🌍

Thank you for supporting a small local business that’s taking steps to care for our planet. Your patronage makes all the difference. 🙏

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