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About Us.

Our journey

In 2008, HealthPoint Pharmacy Group opened at Market Point Medical Park, Mullingar. What began as a single community pharmacy has since blossomed into a beacon of healthcare in the region. Driven by our unwavering commitment to accessible and compassionate care, we've expanded our services and impact over the years, ensuring our community has a trusted partner for their health and wellness needs.

HealthPoint Customer Care
HealthPoint Products

Our Dedication

Our Vision

“The pharmacy that makes care easy and genuine"

Our Mission

Through team collaboration and efficient service, we ensure every customer feels valued and understood

What Makes Us Different

HealthPoint Pharmacist Dispensary

Genuine Care

At the heart of our practice is genuine care for our patients. We're more than just a dispensary for medicines; we're a hub of guidance, support, and expertise, tailored to each individual's needs

Efficient Service

We understand the importance of time. With the help of our user-friendly app and diligent team collaboration, we provide prompt and efficient services, be it online or in-store.


Our dedicated and passionate team, from pharmacists and healthcare professionals to support staff, comes together every day to offer an unparalleled pharmacy experience. Through continuous learning and a spirit of mutual respect, our patients receive nothing but the best care.


As pioneers in pharmacy technology, our advanced app simplifies prescription refills, consultations, and product purchases, ensuring a seamless experience for our patrons.

Our Community Commitment

Our Commitment

Being deeply embedded in our communities, we are more than just a pharmacy – we're an integral part of the community fabric. Whether it's health camps, local events, or community outreach, our dedication extends beyond our walls, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of our community.

HealthPoint Community

Our Values


Acting with honesty in every decision, ensuring our actions align with our words.


Believing in the power of teamwork, where every member plays a vital role in delivering the best service.


Continuously seeking ways to streamline our processes to ensure timely and accurate service.


Understanding and connecting with our customers, placing their well-being at the forefront.

Professional Growth

Investing in the development and education of our team to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to excel.

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