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A Decade of Dedication: Honouring Eithne’s 10-Year Milestone

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


Today is a milestone moment at Keane’s and Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy. We’re gathering to celebrate not just an employee, but a leader and a friend who has devoted a decade of service to our team. Raise your glasses to Eithne! 🥂

The Beginning of an Era 🌱

Ten years ago, Eithne stepped into our Austin Friars store, filling the aisles with her charisma and dedication. Little did we know then, she was destined for great heights within our organisation.

A Journey Through Roles 👒

From Austin Friars to the Primary Care Centre, and finally to Woods Pharmacy, Eithne has worn many hats. Her adaptability and commitment to excellence have been evident at every turn.

Leadership in Action 📈

It’s our immense pleasure to announce that Eithne now proudly holds the position of Store Supervisor. A testament to her hard work, this role recognises her exceptional abilities and leadership qualities.

More Than Just a Colleague 😄

Over these ten years, Eithne has been more than just an employee; she’s been a cornerstone of support, a provider of countless laughs, and a trusted friend to us all.

A Toast to Eithne ❤️

So here’s to Eithne, to ten remarkable years, and to the many more that lie ahead. Your dedication has not only propelled you forward but has also lifted us all. We are incredibly proud to work alongside you.

Cheers to the past, present, and a promising future! 🥂

With heartfelt thanks,

Your Team at Keane’s and Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy 💕

Honouring Eithne’s 10-Year Milestone

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