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A Sea of Pink for a Cause: Raising Awareness and Funds for Breast Cancer

Today, all our pharmacies—Market Point, Green Road, Primary Care, Woods, Enfield, Edenderry, and Drumcondra—were awash with the colour pink. More than just a shade, pink represents hope, courage, and strength. We embraced this vibrant hue to show our solidarity with breast cancer patients and survivors, while contributing to a cause that demands our collective attention and resources.

The Power of Pink

As you entered any of our locations today, you would have felt an atmosphere radiating community spirit, all underscored by the various shades of pink that dominated the décor and even the outfits of our team.

Sweet Treats for a Sweeter Cause

No fundraiser is complete without some delicious treats. That's why we hosted a bake sale featuring a medley of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies—all in line with our pink theme. A special tip of the hat goes to our team at the Woods location for their exceptional raspberry macarons!

Where Do the Funds Go?

We're delighted to share that all the funds raised from today's event are earmarked for donation to the Irish Cancer Society. This esteemed organisation plays a pivotal role in providing essential research and support services to cancer patients across Ireland. Every contribution, no matter how small, is significant in the larger fight against this devastating disease.

Join Us in Making a Difference

While today's event was a singular occasion, let us remember that the battle against breast cancer rages on all year round. We encourage everyone to stay informed, seek regular screenings, and support organisations dedicated to eradicating this illness. Together, we can indeed make a meaningful impact.

A heartfelt 'Thank You' to everyone who participated and contributed, turning today's event into a tremendous success. We are eager to engage in more community initiatives that aim to improve the welfare of all.

Let's turn the tide, one pink ribbon at a time.

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