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"TV Star Dr. Sumi Lights Up Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy with RTE's Operation Transformation!"

Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy recently became the talk of the town with a special appearance from TV celebrity Dr. Sumi, as part of RTE's Operation Transformation. This event turned the pharmacy into a buzzing hub of health and wellness activities.

John O'Shaughnessy, the Managing Pharmacist at Woods HealthPoint, shared his excitement: "We were so happy to host this event. It's fantastic that RTE chose our pharmacy to emphasize the importance of regular blood pressure checks." This collaboration highlights the pharmacy's commitment to promoting health in our community.

Eithne Mannering, the Store Supervisor, added, "We've always provided blood pressure checks, but Operation Transformation's spotlight has raised public awareness to a new level." This reflects the event's impact in increasing the community's health consciousness.

The pharmacy was a hive of activity, offering free blood pressure checks to all visitors, mirroring similar events across Keane's HealthPoint Pharmacy branches in Mullingar.

The turnout was impressive, indicating a heightened interest in health among the locals.

Pharmacist Robert Keane also shared his thoughts on the event's success. "It was heartening to see so many people taking charge of their health by getting their blood pressure checked. Kudos to Operation Transformation for promoting health awareness," he said.

As Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy, along with the entire Keane's team, eagerly awaits the airing of this special segment on RTE this Thursday, they invite everyone to tune in. Witness how Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy is not just a place to get medicines, but a cornerstone for health and wellness in the community.

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