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Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy to Star in RTE's Operation Transformation

Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy to Star in RTE's Operation Transformation

Mullingar, Ireland – The community of Mullingar is buzzing with excitement as Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy is set to feature on RTE's renowned show, Operation Transformation, scheduled for Thursday, 18th January 2024.

The lead pharmacist at Woods HealthPoint, John O'Shaughnessy, shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming episode. "We were delighted to hear from RTE that our pharmacy will be part of Operation Transformation. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the health services we proudly offer to our community," he remarked.

pharmacist John o'Shaughnessy

Store supervisor Eithne Mannering voiced the team's collective anticipation. "Having RTE film in our store is a rare and wonderful opportunity. We're eager to demonstrate the extensive services we offer, far beyond the traditional scope of prescription dispensing," she said.

A special feature of the show will include O'Shaughnessy conducting a blood pressure check on a patient, showcasing one of the many health checks available at the pharmacy. Samantha Jones, the dispensary supervisor, highlighted the broader initiative, "In line with Operation Transformation's goals, we, along with pharmacies across Ireland, will be offering free blood pressure checks on the day. It's an important health measure that everyone should be aware of."

The Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy team is looking forward to the national spotlight, ready to demonstrate their commitment to health and wellness. "We're all incredibly excited for this opportunity to showcase what Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy stands for and the difference we make in our community," added Eithne.

For more details on the services provided by Woods HealthPoint Pharmacy or to book a health check, please contact the store.

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