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Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys Wins National Award for Best Menopausal Workplace Support

Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys Wins National Award for Best Menopausal Workplace Support: The Importance from a Pharmacists’ Perspective

By John Keane

More Than Just a Trophy 🏆

In a ceremony full of acclaim at the Stella Cinema in Rathmines, Dublin, Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys received the national accolade of ‘Ireland’s Best Workplace for Menopause.’ This award is far more than ceremonial; it signifies an important shift in healthcare thinking, particularly from the viewpoint of pharmacists.

Bridging the Gap in Understanding 💡

Pharmacists are often the first port of call for medical advice on menopause. However, the team at Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys emphasises an often-underappreciated dimension: “We are knowledgeable about menopausal treatments, but had limited insight into the lived experiences of our patients and our team. That’s why this award is so vital.”

Why This Matters 🌟

Earning this national distinction validates Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys’ approach to not just treating symptoms but understanding menopause as a holistic experience. It serves as a touchstone for the healthcare industry to aim for a more empathetic standard of care.

In Good Company 🏢

Sharing the spotlight with respected organisations like Bank of Ireland, LIDL, IRFU, and UCD, this award underlines that impactful changes can come from businesses of all sizes, contributing positively to their teams and the wider community.

A Call for Continued Commitment 📣

The message from John Keane, Managing Director, and Gillian Ryan, Group COO, is clear: this award is not a final destination but a milestone. Keane’s HealthPoint Pharmacys is committed to furthering efforts to break down stigmas and barriers associated with menopause, both within the pharmacy and beyond.

The Path Forward 🛣️

The overarching message is resounding: the national award serves as both an affirmation and a commitment to continue striving for greater understanding and inclusivity, specifically concerning menopause.


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