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Pharmacists can now extend prescriptions - New Prescription Rules Explained

Starting March 1, 2024, there are some important changes to how prescriptions can be managed in Ireland. Here's what you need to know:

If You're Taking Medication:

Longer Prescriptions: Your doctor can now give you a prescription that lasts up to 12 months if your medication is working well for you.

Talking to Your Pharmacist: If you have a prescription for 6 months, you can ask your pharmacist if it can be extended to last up to a year. This depends on your health needs.

Some Exceptions: Not all medicines can be extended. Your doctor and pharmacist will decide what’s best for you.

For Pharmacists:

More Flexibility: Pharmacists can now make a 6-month prescription last up to 12 months if it’s safe and makes sense for your health.

Reviewing Prescriptions: If a pharmacist thinks a prescription shouldn’t be extended, they’ll suggest you go back to your doctor.

New Guidelines: Pharmacists are getting special instructions to help decide when to extend a prescription.

These changes are meant to make getting and using your prescriptions easier and more flexible, keeping your health in mind. If you have questions, your doctor or pharmacist can help.

John Keane MPSI MBA

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